From messy kids to visiting in-laws, bathrooms are considered high-traffic areas. They’re the one room that everyone uses. But all that use opens them up to more consistent water damage. There are three main areas in your bathroom that can benefit from waterproofing:


If your family likes to enjoy steamy showers or long hot baths, the moisture from these relaxing activities can significantly damage your walls, potentially causing mold build-up and other hazardous conditions.

Getting out of the shower is code for dripping water. Even if you use a bath mat, the floor can still absorb some water, which can damage the sub-flooring over time. To avoid extensive water damage a waterproof membrane is a no-brainer.


Your ceiling isn’t immune from getting wet either. It’s exposed to condensation from shower spray or excessive splashing. By waterproofing your ceiling, you can save a poorly ventilated bathroom from moisture build-up.

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